almost a year

so he's almost a year old, i can't believe it. but then again i can they do have to grow up sometime. :) he's standing for a couple seconds on his own and using anything and everything he can to stand up on and walk along. he's an expert crawler now and has this little hip shake he does when strolling off to something exciting or food. he actually eats more than his big sister. Kailee is a snacker, she eats constantly all day long half a sandwich here, a couple of carrot sticks there, a cookie, and then a cheese stick ... that's just how she eats and there is a constant supply of snacks in the fringe and cabinets to keep her happy (most of them are healthy, i think). logan eats when his sister eats (has to be just like her) but he will eat the whole sandwich if i let him. so i have to keep this in mind when he's chowing down on 3 pancakes, to his sisters 1. his half and cheese stick to his sisters whole one. its an interesting world.
and he's wearing orange. which is a color i never thought my kids would wear. its one of kailee's favorite colors and because of candi and a comment she made last year about how i would put logan in orange clothes along with blue (don't remember the comment only that it involved logan in orange) i think about it every time i buy him something with orange in it, and turns out there is alot of that, it's usually accompanied by the color blue too. i don't think its totally a conscious thing that i do but none the less.

i've gotten alot of orangey bright warm summer color paper to scrap this summer with to because of that. although i think of that as more of working outside my comfort zone. i have a happy comfort zone when it comes to kailee and girly papers ... bright pink, turquoise, golden yellows, and lime greens (think urban prairie, girl friday, about a girl). logan boyish papers i'm still all over the map and experimenting.


Scrap Candy said...

I don't remember the comment either, jakki! But I do know that it has been only recently for me too to grab on to ORANGE and embrace it. IN FACT...I'm wearing an orange shirt right now!!!!

I think the earth tones are the way to go for this little one year old you have sprouting in your house. Deep greens and BLUES to match those stunning eyes will fit nicely with orange-y pp for LOGAN!

Shel said...

I think Candi is correct...Logan looks awesome in orange and it really compliments his awesome big, blue eyes!

Happy Early 1st Birthday, Logan!

Pam said...

Hey orange and blue are complimentary colors right? I love orange!!! And I am so with ya on the boy scrappy thing...still trying to figure out what I like with that.