Stanley came to visit ...

Thanks to Matt, Stanley has come to our house to visit, and tag along on some of our adventures. Kailee is super excited to be along this new friend.
the san diego zoo is FULL of HILLS, although they feel more like mountains. and the best way to get to the top (or other side of the zoo) is on the skyfari. so first thing we did is hop on and head up to one of our favorite exhibits, the polar bears. here in SD its like summer for them all year long, and they just got done remodeling it.
these are two of the three polar bears here. check out the bottom of the photo .. did you know that they eat carrots?
next on the list is the elephant odyssey. which is where all the asian elephants live (there is one African girl here at the zoo, but most of the african elephants live over at the wild animal park)
check out stanley and kailee at the foot of a life size elephant statue ... man they're big
here is one of the girls hanging out by the water hole ... although i do belive its big enough for them to go swimming in if they want.

so that's our stanley adventure so far. check out his super cool surfer hair do, with highlights. and everyone is san diego wears sunglasses and flip flops year round. and the shorts and t-shirts are always out too.


Scrap Candy said...

Stanley is so cool in San Diego! I love the high lights and flip flops! Great job taking him out and about with you. Bet Kailee loved it!!

Pam said...

I love Stanley-awesome! He is colored, I just need to reinforce him and then we can take him out on the town;) Yes, I remember the SD Zoo being very hilly!!! When we went to the zoo in Chicago, the Polar Bears were playing with plastic milk jugs-like those are in their natural habitat, ha ha!

Shelstan said...

Oh! Matt is going to be so excited! I have to show him your blog tomorrow! He'll be thrilled!! Thanks for making such a cute Stanley and taking him on a wonderful adventure! I know Matt and his classmates will truly appreciate it!