no fear at 10 months

the child has no fear! and he's not even a year old yet.

so now he stands on his rocking chair and rocks, like he's on a horse or something. i'm thinking it's a good thing that i am so acquainted with children's hospital. crazy boy! so is this all him or has his sister influenced him at all?

so i'm coping pam and her month by month updates on K. but this one's on logan of course ...

*dare devil (above states the obvious)
*can drink from a straw (sisters juice boxes and caprisuns are his favorites)
*loves gadget like stuffs (buckles. straps, drawer handles)
*emptying baskets, bins, bags
*standing on anything, and pulling him self up
*still military crawling across the floor, but he starts out on his hands and feet
*adamant on feeding himself, huge eater of anything that we're eating. bottles are still his comfort food if anything is not going his way
*still learning the whole sippy cup thing
*still wearing size 6months
*plays well with his sister, if she's not taking away his toy
*squeals instead of laughing or giggling, he pretty much squeals for anything he wants you just have to look at the facial expression to see if he's happy or mad.
*night owl, doesn't like to take naps
*loves to go on walks and be outside. watch out for open doors he's also working on his escaping skills
*pretty much always on the go.


Scrap Candy said...

gotta love a BOY!! He is absolutely too precious to watch in action - you can see daredevil in those big blue eyes! Good luck with that, Mom! Just keep following him around with the camera - so when you DO end up at the hospital you can prove what caused it!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shots here - I can see you laying right down in the floor shooting these!!

Isabelle said...

Great blog post! Love hoe you added a single word to the pics.

Pam said...

Awesome post! Boys are different...K has no fear either! I thought A was gonna be my crazy kid, but K seems to be fearless.

My fave is the one of him playing with the trucks:D

Shelstan said...

Watch out, girl! You've got a climber on your hands! He's going to be into everything!!!