my two kids

in being a follower i'm posting the most recent pictures of the two of them together, although i think i was the first one of the group to post pictures like this. oh well what ever i think the shots are fun so who cares, right? so kailee would not go opposite of logan, instead cuddled up next to him, and with me standing on the bed above the two of them with a camera plastered to my face. i got some pretty cool shots ... it was all smiles too until logan started pulling kailee's hair (little brothers? what can i tell you .... i keep telling kailee that when she gets mad or frustrated with logan, i know all about little brothers. although she doesn't believe me when i tell her that uncle todd is a little brother like logan lol)

i think im going to scrap them on a page that mimic logan's shirt .. with the abc's but has a heart for "o" and says "i heart u" on it in mist of the abc's. not to original but i like it!

i'm also totally overwhelmed at the thought of printing out 100 photos (i have a coupon that makes them almost half price) and scrapping all that. but i'm officially out of pictures, i've even been scrapping old ones, although i've been lazy and haven't posted much. but its so disheartening to think that i'm so back logged ... talking 08 disneyland and then from like november on of that year. yeah i have snide bits here and there of pages but the year is not documented properly, although i think i am over the two albums for one kid per year .. i have two kids now to keep up on. i just i donno, im so lost. i still want to do a 365 album too, i have all the supplies to do it, well except the actual album and i kinda want to get a paper pack so all the pages match. but yeah okay. also i realized that i've used up almost all my BG urban prairie paper pack, and am so sad. i love those color combinations .. oh well i have more coming in the mail ... similar color schemes i don't really want to be hung up on one kind of paper there is too much out there to be.


Scrap Candy said...

see...I knew you were up to SOMETHING!! They are beautiful, Jakki. And those eyes......

I say print the 100 and use the coupon. (I did!) and get to scrappin!

Pam said...

These are adorable! I love them!!! How did you get Logan to be still long enough!! Yeah, Kieran likes to pull Aislynn's hair too;) Now what is this coupon you speak of? I might have some UP I can send you...it's in a HUGE box of stuff I purged, but I can dig it out if you like.