adding a little color ...

and the adventure starts (this isn't the final picture of the colored eggs, but i like here color placement ... no such order to it all)
so i'm thinking kailee is actually getting the hang of this now. after the first year (K @ 18 months) drank the red dye. and then the next year split it all over the table. last year was accomplished with no mess ups. this year she wanted to do it all by her self .... so crazy me let her, i just told her that i had to take pictures no options there ... and she did spill the yellow, although i didn't get a picture, i was too involved in cleaning it up.
look at her face ... so many choices, what egg to color next hmmmm

the tongue out (just like her mamma) picking out just the right egg
after putting it in the cup for a little bit, discovering that it is no longer white. (she has done this before)
tasting the dye (it got all over her fingers). did i mention that not so long ago she tried drinking the stuff ( i have a pictures for proof) oh and she told me it tasted good, when does vinegar, dye, and water taste good?
it's kinda tricky and hard to get the eggs out of the cups
putting the egg away

so stanley has to take a second seat to the dyeing adventure. i just have to be like all my friends (notice the opening picture) lol read on to the last post to see stanley


Scrap Candy said...

I think Kailee might have just a bit of Georgia o'keefe in her - wanting to taste the "dirt" that makes her artwork so real. Good momma for letting her try it solo this year. Where was Logan? He could have knocked over some cups for dramatic effects!!

Isabelle said...

Loos lie you have a future fan of salt and vinegar chips! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Pam said...

Ha, I see Logan:) K was in the same place during our egg dyeing. Aislynn spilled some too, she did way better last year...I think she got cocky;)

Shelstan said...

I love the variation in egg colors...some bright, some pastel!

K looks so old in these pics! Time is just flying by!