target pictures, nothing productive i promise

i always look at the pictures and sometimes i look at them and think "no way, that looks nothing like my kid" when in fact it is and they just have one of those faces that i don't see that much or its an in between face that the camera caught. so the other day we were at target enjoying some icee's and pretzels and i got these shots.

so not my kid
again not my kiddo
okay so this, yeah this is a logan face. all serious and trying to figure out the thing in front of him. who knew how fasinating a red straw could be.
again my son, trying to give the camera said straw. (camera was on the table looking up at him, i was no were near the view finder just talking to him, hence no serious funny look on his face where he's trying to figure out why mommy looks so weird with a cool looking toy in front of her. he's totally into gadgets and mechanical things at this age.)
and kailee enjoying her "sugar" the cool straw just adds to the whole appeal of the "i like to drink sugar, mommy" its a read icee too, the blue side was broken, but most the time she's a purple or suicide icee drinker ... all the colors or what ever is working at the time. you'd be surprised how often one flavor or other isn't frozen. oh and the ones at target EXPAND so you cant fill the cup up all the way or you make a big artificial sugary mess.
toodles for now :)


Scrap Candy said...

okay, so whether or not they look like YOUR kids or not; they are both completely adorable and both have the same gorgeous eyes! And that is with or without SUGAR!

Pam said...

Love L's big blue eyes-and he is totally your kid!!! But I do know what you mean....some angles make them look different. Weird. Man, K is looking older!!

Shelstan said...

I never thought about taking pics at the store like that. Good idea and such cute, cute kids!