the perfect "swing" picture

okay so i am still on a quest to get that perfect swing picture. where there is movement, smiles, laughter, and a clear image focused image. its impossible to get all those into one shot. but i'm still trying and i have gotten some pretty cool shots with lieing under the swing with camera and taking pictures of kailee swinging over top of me. im sure this just sends chills down the backs of those "other camera moms" out there. but really the pictures are alot cooler, at least to me. so my latest attempts ... maybe it would help if i pulled out the big guns (dslr) but these were actually taken with my p&s ... i didn't brake it after all, it just likes a charged battery :)

so logan isn't exactly ready for the "swing" shots that i like. he's just has happy to sit in a non moving swing as he is to have one move about 6" inches back and forward. lol .... those these pictures aren't that adventures. but hey check out the tree coming out of his head! bone head mistake i know but i wasn't totally paying attention to the camera, i was playing with logan the camera was an after thought.

love the cross processing, but them i'm a green color addict. i just love the color and can't seem to get enough of it.

so now the cool pictures ... although i didn't play with any actions on them. so hmmmmm i guess i have to go back and play more with them before adding to my album.

blurry K, but focused chain ....
love love love the movement of this picture :)
mmm, just love that you can see her smile in those eyes. looks like fun, yeah?
an over all decent picture.
so why do i have to make swing pictures so difficult for myself? maybe i'll figure out what i like at some point.

so on a totally different task. im trying to get a picture a day of logan, its me and him this week. kailee is off on spring break with my parents. and im having fun with just one kid, although it really isn't any easier than with two. and i'll be, he misses his sister. i can't do anything without him under foot, he's usually cool with hanging out with kailee watching tv what ever that brother sister thing im sure ( i know i have that bond with my lil bro). but cause she's not here he's more attached to me. and its driving me crazy kailee was never this attached. he's my little velcro baby, oh and his new nick name is prince charming .. although i totally see the originality of that one. BLAH!

also loving this new series "wickedly lovely" "ink exchange" and "eternal something" so love faeries :) and am totally going to be disappointed when it's over ... and i read way to fast, with out trying

i had some other stuff to write down here but i don't remember now. so i guess it will have to wait for another time


Pam said...

Believe it or not there are no good parks with swings around here!! The best one is the park where A broke her arm and she doesn't want to go back there again yet. Cool pics...love the blue skies and movement and yes-totally need to break out the big boy:) Have fun this week with just L!!! Wanna do the Ali E. a week in the life thing with me later in April?

Scrap Candy said...

So that's me - I need to be more aware of the background. I was so intrigued with the smile on his face that I didn't notice the tree until you mentioned it. Yes, I agree with Pam! Get that DSLR out and see what you can catch on the underside of that swing!!!