just another day

So I have again like 4 photoshop books coming my way from the library. i keep wanting to learn the program, because really i know so little of what it is capable of. so we'll see how that goes. i also have like 10 other books on my request list that i just want to read. kailee is funny she thinks mom's books come from the request bookshelf (that doesn't look like the other library shelves). im rambling :) so photos are from last week. durning snack time. kailee with her "llama food" she looks so big. the other day in the car she was all upset and told me that she doesn't want to stay small (teasing her steve and i keep telling her to stay small and not grow up) and that she wants to go to school really really badly and that she has to grow up so she can do that. all sincere like and it made me sad, so im trying not to tease her as much about not growing up.
im all excited over this .... logan has got the hang of the sippy cup, well sorta. he is such the little cuddler. he doesn't hold onto his bottles all by himself (he expects to get cuddle time with mommy (or somebody) when he's chomping away on his bottles. which sometimes drives me nuts! but i keep giving him his sippy at meal times with either soy milk, juice, or water (the good stuff) and he's finally started picking it up and drinking some. he likes the soft bottle type lids better, but he has the harder more sippy cup like ones too.
pictures are grainy because i was forcing my p&s to take low light pictures without the flash ... it didn't like it so much


Scrap Candy said...

Love the square pics! I don't see the grainy-ness... All pics are awesome when you are snapping and I haven't been doing much of this lately. :(

Shelstan said...

Lily has the opposite problem of K. She does not want to get old. She thinks that once you are old...you die! Ugh! The problem is...she's right. LOL

Pam said...

LOL at Shel! A always says she doesn't want to grow up! Love the pics too, we have the same sippy cups:) K does look SO much older! Crazy, huh?