whats the point ....

so wish this could be one of those happy posts with how everything is all great and wonderful. but i am SO NOT FEELING THAT WAY. no today is one of those constant fighting days. kailee has deiced that she doesn't have to listen to mommy and will do as she pleases regardless of what i throw at her. i tried to take her to the zoo, but no she was climbing on everything she could climb on (and there's alot of stuff she's not suppose to be hanging off of there) and running away from me, and not listening. so scratch that plan and headed to the park ... that one worked out a little better, but forget getting to do anything afterwards. ugh! i pretty much bought the milk and ran out of the store ... so not loving my daughter right now. oh and did i mention that she just up and hit logan because he had found something she wanted right then and had left it on the floor in his domain (yes any and all things left with in his reach belong to logan now. not even the laundry basket is safe seeing as he is lifting himself up on it .. or is it pulling himself up with it, i donno)

now at home she is insisting that she do what ever it is i am doing, not letting her play on the computer right now brought on a tantrum and is now in her room doing who knows what ... but hey its her room and i need a break. but bring on the other little monster ... although truthfully he's not that bad right now. just preventing me from ever getting a clean space

he's just too happy to destroy it. and maybe eat some paper in the process, but hey its fiber right? it is just one of those days where i know steve is going to come home and ask what i've gotten done and im going to tell him nothing and storm away to do something that i want to do. UGH! ... that doesn't really convey my feeling totally but i donno how else to type it out. i needed the vent

oh so now kailee is over apologizing to logan and telling him she is sorry that she hit him and will try not to do it again. was i like this to my little brother (we're 3.5 years apart in age too_?


Scrap Candy said...

This is SO me on SO many days -especially on the ones where there is no other adult around to help me out! But yet, when Daddy has his day(s) like this they never sound as frustrating! UGH! No fair!

The sun will come out tomorrow - and I ber if you look again you will see it right in LOGAN's big blue eyes starring up at his mommy!

Pam said...

Oh girl...that sucks. I SO know the feeling. Aislynn gets pissed when Kieran grabs one of her toys and she even snatches some of his toys away from him to play with. And I can totally sympathize with wanting to take them somewhere nice or do something fun and then you just get pooped on (sometimes literally, ha!). Everyday won't be like this and all we can do is cling to the little brief precious moments:) HugS!!!!

Shelstan said...

Just keep telling yourself..."It will get better. It will get better," because it will, Jakki!