so the other day at the zoo, kailee sat and watched the keepers set up some enrichment items foe the elephants. and then continued to watch as the elephants explored the enclosure. i really didn't think she could sit and be content for that long of a period ... it was a good 20 minuets of watching. also i kinda like how this picture turned out and am thinking i am going to have to make it a whole page ... just the picture and the story.
i'm pointing out the only thing that bugs me in the picture .... my shadow of a head, which i will have to clone out of it for the page.

logan is getting so big now. i'm able to leave him out of his shoes for little bits of time now. and more so when he starts standing and walking. he's got the crawling down. and of course crying when ever his sister comes near (she keeps taking his toys away and pushing him around). but this time he got to follow her around the park. he loved these music making wanna be chimes (kid safe and park safe) he kept grabbing them and shaking them, just like his sister showed him. he also loves the slide, with and with out his sisters help and he was swinging for the fist time all by himself too.

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Scrap Candy said...

Oh the patience that Kailee has here as she watches the elephants is priceless. And I am so jealous of the sunny weather AND those stunning BABY BLUE eyes on Logan!!