right now one thirty in the afternoon

candi's 1000 post blog inspired me. and it is really nice to think of this as an online journal. and it truly is so easy to go back and remember as well as use as a reference point when you have forgotten all the details of the story behind the picture. its just i dont have any exciting world altering stories to tell right now.

so right now it is supposed to be "quite time" but really its more like quite play time for kailee. i snuck up on here, sorta of. so she posed for the picture. man is her room a mess ... i guess there will be some cleaning in there going on tonight

and here she had to show me here baby
so it being quite time, why aren't either of my kids snoozing? logan has a thing aginst naps, he doesnt take them and if i put him down for one he cries the mandatory hour and a half and maybe gets 10 minutes of sleep in. but today we were out at the park and he fell asleep there. so now he's helping me out

logan story, hah i have one. so sunday night we went out to dinner (rare thing) and logan gets all mad and starts squealing at me because he wants to sit up at the table and eat what ever it is that i am eating. after that he's all of a sudden got an opinion, my happily little what ever guy is now talking back and making his opinions known. lol


Scrap Candy said...

Wow. It seems like they have grown tons recently! K has really stretched out and L is such big boy! I love your babies' eyes. You really can't take a picture with out catching beautiful pools of light!! Gorgeous.

Norlund Clan said...

Awww, he has teeth. So cute.

Shelstan said...

LOL - Jakki - When I first glanced at the pic of K with the doll on her head, I thought it was Logan and almost had a heart attack!!! Glad it was only her baby doll!

Pam said...

I agree with Candi-they have really grown-K looks SO much older!!! Such cuties-oh and quiet time for A doesn't work over here either:)