my dad's pinwheel story

so on the way home from target, kailee asked for this pinwheel from the dollar bins and was happily riding along with the windows down wind blowing everywhere. my dad started telling about when he was a kid he and his brother loved getting pinwheels from the local fair. they were like 50 cents and maybe a dollar for the really big ones. well they would be all excited saving them for the drive home where with the windows down they would hold up the pinwheels blowing in the wind. Phil would hit the gas and onto the freeway they would go. in the process the pinwheels would be blown to pieces .. no more paper the staples couldn't hold on to them. this would make my grandma mad, but my dad says that was the best part the destruction on them.
taken just a few moments ago. my late night buddy here ... he doesn't sleep. but i was going through my magazines cutting out what i want to save and he found the pile of left over scraps, trash. he was in heaven, rolling around on the paper, grabbing it, crunching it, tasting it. pure joy (because he doesn't have to clean up the mess :))

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Scrap Candy said...

pinwheels are MY absolute favorite. I have a studio calico pinwheel stamp around here somewhere that I've been dying to use. Your story is my inspiration to get it out!

YOU have to scrap that pic of L making a mess - just like a little boy should!