Day 191

so i had a little help figuring out the exact day :). he figured this out the day after christmas and its his new trick, or as he dad says acquired skill. i hate the flash on my p&s but i kinda love the face, this is logan's camera face, with or with out the flash. and his arms are sticking way out to help with the balancing. so i guess all those leg lifts he does day in and day out with the bar are building up his core muscles. i don't have a picture like this for kailee, she was crawling at this age and didn't see the point of sitting up in one place when she could scoot all over the floor instead.


Scrap Candy said...

WOW! look at those fantastic baby blues! THose are gorgeous! I love the # of days trick - a perfect way to think BIG accomplishment! WTG LOGAN!

Pam said...

I love the idea of documenting it by the number of days too! Yay Logan! Think of what he can play with now! Love those big blue eyes too!

Shelstan said...

Congrats, Big Boy!!