6 months

so he's offically six months old. he can sit up pretty good if he's sitting in your lap, but not so good on his own yet. he's also crazy chewing on stuff and every thing he grabs goes into the mouth. its kinda funny but he's in the clothes sizes that coincide with his age. we're just now starting ti get into the 6-9 month stuff. kailee was never like this
here's kailee making her sparkling cookies. im pretty on top of the dd pictures but they havent made it into the book or gotten printed
ill catch you up soon, some laundry has been calling my name all day. off tp folding


Scrap Candy said...

Boy - watch out - Logan is on the move!! Looks like you have a pastry chef on your hands too!

Pam said...

Aww, sweet boy:) He is sitting up pretty good there! Love the picture of K too:) So question about the cookies...do they stay nice after they are baked? The problem I have is they puff up and you can barely tell what cookie cutter shape I was using. It must be my sugar cookie recipe-Help!!!