the night before trick or treat

so kailee wasn't letting me take pictures on halloween night, she was busy playing across the street before and well i lost her when i asked if she wanted to go out trick or treating ... no pictures mom is what she told me ( i think im going to schedule a dusk photo shoot once everyone is over being sick with little minney mouse this up comming week)
so here the pictures from the night befores trunk or treat
it was a tad but chilli outside so she wearing her jacket, its disney but i dont think it screams minney though ???? cinerealla??? yes very cinderella

the only times she'd look at me she was making funny faces
logan didn't go, he stayed home all nice and warm with his daddy (who isn't a real big fan of the holiday, but sure does like all the candy kailee brings home)


Pam said...

Awww, love those big blue eyes on L! K was a cute Minnie! I was bummed about the pics I got too:( Darn kids are too busy to take pics for us:) Totally do the photo shoot though! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Scrap Candy said...

we will all chalk it up to a bad trick or treat photo shoot. With the party crowd - i didn't get anything authentic either. She is a perfect little Minnie! LOVE L's baby blues - he is growing so fast!!

Shelstan said...

I love that last pic, Jakki! And K looked so cute in her Minnie costume!