finding a balance

okay so i can now say that the icky oink! oink! bug is out of my house. steve has finally gotten rid of his 99 degree fever. which is nice, there is only the lingering cough that will be here until the weather hits warm again (and i know that is a relative term seeing as i now think that 60 degrees is chilly and cold).

Im sitting here listening to children's music, kailee loves to come in here on the computer and play games while listening to her music (there is usually a little dancing around too) crazy girl. and she has more music on the computer than i do right now ... so need to change that

I still don't feel like I have a balance going on. it seems that as soon and I think i have everything on task and all. I realize that I have forgotten something, like vacuuming the house, or doing laundry, good thing we have ALOT of towels or i would be in a load of trouble.

oh well i am trying to make a point of taking pictures again, and especially of logan, i dont think i have enough pictures of him. besides the point that kailee is a spotlight stealer, i just dont have the countless similar photos of logan that i have of kailee at this age. so im working on it ... maybe i can go for a picture a day for this up coming week, and then i can scrap it.

okay well im ranting here, but it's helping me get my thoughts out on to something i can look back on and see if (no wait i should say) that i have improved. at least im posting some new pictures of logan :)

he's five months old now, he's getting so big. he's a huge eater and loves all the veggies ... or i keep telling him he does :) not so much a fan of green beans yet and he finally decided that he likes the carrots. and cereal he eats up all the time, and likes it even better with applesauce or banana's in it. so here he is playing on a saucer-ize thing ... although not so sure how long it will last at the house, its a pain to take his shoes off to put him in the thing, and he can only stay in it so long with out his shoes, so its really just a time consuming devise that i think toys on the floor will do much more for him. but we had to try this out all the same.

oh and i think i've finally figured out how to take pictures with my 50mm lens with out the flash and inside .... its called the action/sports mode. it will cycle the pictures pretty fast and thus not all of them are blurry, lots of blurry shots to sort through but i got a few of focus pictures out of it. now to just isolate where my camera is getting its focus point and i might do better ... oh wait that's just turning off auto focus, dang it! i should have thought of that eailer ... oh well at least i know why i talk on blogger here :)


Isabelle said...

I love the new pics of Logan. And the funny thing is that this weekend I also discovered that I could get a few good shots with the 50mm lens without the flash. Like you, I selected by chance the sport option.Looks like we came out with the same solution!

Pam said...

Hmm, I will have to try out the sports mode with my lens, good idea! Love the new pics of Logan, he looks good in red! I swear sometimes reading your blog, it's like you are channeling my exact thoughts:) I am glad everyone feels better at your house now!

Scrap Candy said...

Oh to find a happy medium...it is a dream waiting to happen around here. If you catch sight of it let me know! Love the pic of Logan where he is leaning forward looking at the lens in such a curious manner - those are the best!!

Shelstan said...

Glad you are all feeling better and I'm loving those pics of the baby!