4months and a external flash

Okay for starters, lets see ... logan is 4 months old (i'm a little late with posting that picture :)) and i had the perfect opportunity to play with my speed-light flash last night. its pretty cool.

okay so all the pictures are taken with my 50mm f/1.4 lens and its actually certifiably dark outside. the room has a pretty bright lamp in it, but still with out the flash the pictures are pretty yellow and crappy. so here are the pictures straight out of camera with flash pointed up at the celling and a diffuser on it.
logan keeps making funny faces at me when ever i pull the camera out to take pictures of him
all the while his big sister here is inching her way in trying to steal the lime light and the shot.
and i turned off the flash to take a picture just to see what it would look like otherwise (this one was taking in sequence of the one above with just logan.

i think i like the flash ...... :)

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Shelstan said...

Look at those eyes! Stunning! What a couple of cutie-pies you have, Jakki!!

I like the pics with the flash too!