the zoo ... our new hangout

so I've only seen these guys once before ... and i have been to the zoo ALOT, it was so exciting to see them both out. they're the the Melanesian kind and i believe smaller than the sumatrin variety.
the girls at the petting zoo

and the hippo's were out of the water eating so we didn't get to see much of them this time. but hey the statues are always fun to play on.
this one is cool, it looks like the picture was taken from inside the enclosure looking out. but really i'm on the otherside ... gotta love monkey trails and how you can move above the animals.
logan hanging out ... he wasn't into sleeping through this trip and was awake most of the time. he keeps thinking he's a big kid
so there wasn't a line at the panda enclosure this time. this is one of the girls we have here in sd but i don't remember her name
and my camera battery died! i didn't charge it the night before, times when you wished you have spent the 50 bucks on a backup, oh well there is always next week :) .... or next month. kailee and I are enjoying our passes ... can you tell


Scrap Candy said...

gorgeous pics, jakki!

Shelstan said...

The kids look so cute in their hats! Great pics!

Pam said...

So fun!! I was going through my junk drawer the other night and I found our tickets from there! Fun pics! Logan does look like a big kid...love his hat! I am jealous of K's shoes...I wanted the pink ones for A but they didn't have her size so we ended up with white ones.