i took some pictures today, just some of the everyday kind

kailee got her new pumpkin picking shirt, and it was actually not from the baby section. she fits XS in the big girl section of target. we just didn't think that this hello kitty shirt would make her look like a teenager. its got that tight fit that is so popular these days and with her boot cut dark wash denim she doesn't look that 3 years that she really is. I sent this picture to her dad and he told her to stop growing up, she responded with i have to daddy. she's not the baby anymore she really is turning into a little girl ... she says she's a little girl now, not a big girl but a little one.
and here is my baby :) he's in his wombat pose. with his feet high up over his head. he sleeps like this too. its too funny. his daddy started calling him a wombat right after he was born and now he really does sleep like a wombat, i have a picture from the zoo of their wombat and he's snoozing on his back with all his little feet up.


Pam said...

Your wombat is adorable:D I love that K told Steve that she had to grow up, funny! A has been out of the toddler sizes awhile:( They are growing too fast!!!

Scrap Candy said...

They are precious -and your little wombat deserves a WOMBAT LO!