tWo MoNThs

so i took both of them  on  a field trip up to my old work and to go see mommy nina (kailee's babysitter) today, and got a lot of comments on how the two of them looked so much alike. then i come home and see Shel's comment of how much they look alike. well here you go, see for your selves i pulled up one of kailee's 2 month pictures and have it right next to logan's. almost the same face, although my camera and camera skills are a tad bit better in logan's photo than in kailee's (and i can't believe how many out of focus pictures i have in that 2006 folder)

HAHA! the noses are different .... or is it the camera angle?  tell me what you see different, but i guess you can tell that they are related lol


Isabelle said...

They are definitely related. They do have different noses and their eye shapes are a little different. What makes them look so alike is their mouth. They have the same lips.

Jakki, you made cute babies!

Shelstan said...

WOW! It's uncanny! Cool!

Pam said...

Wow, they do look alike! Just their head shape is different really, and it kinda looks like Kailee's hair was curly?