two kids and a photograph

so i actually let kailee hold logan (this is from about a month ago, before the haircut) and i about died, and seriously it was only for the split second of the shot, good thing the first one came out. you can tell by logan's face he wasn't to happy of a camper for this shot.
than i had a better ideal! put them both on the floor, and wait till logan is better at smiling. so this morning i had the two of them modeling for me. making silly faces and i actually got a shot of them both smiling :) maybe it will be the christmas photo this year .... but i think a 5month old takes better pictures then a almost 3month old.


Pam said...

Awww, I love them both, but that new one is sooooo adorable! I love that they are both smiling!!

Shelstan said...

Both pics are scrap worthy, Jakki!!!

And I'm sure you'll have plenty of more photo opps before Christmas rolls around!!

Scrap Candy said...

i think they are so cute and they will both LOVe having these when they get older. Can't wait to see what a five month old shows us!