my day in pictures

okay so i was here http://elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/ and the confessions of a SAHD inspired me. :) now not all the pictures are new, the image just spoke of how i have been feeling through out the day. so it starts ....

steve is away from home this weekend, one of his little guy weekends. so last night i didn't go to be until midnight because his cat "Meow" decided to finally come in at 11:45 ugh! and with logan waking up every 3 (i need a bigger 3) hours, i just got SO MUCH SLEEP to be woken up at 6am by everyone to start the day. ** heading head first down a slope to start the day**
kailee is a handful she thinks she is him mom and tells me i need to do this and that for baby logan. REGARDLESS of what I want to do, SERIOUSLY I AM THE MOM! i think i end up screaming that at her a few times every day. yeah she's just being the BIG SISTER, but man is she pushy and of course knows just the buttons to push to DRIVE ME CRAZY! 
okay then there is this guy (the one in the picture) he calls me "tinkerbell" and has a loud problem when steve's not around. he likes to talk VERY VERY LOUDLY ... and i'd like to keep my hearing Griffin ... so please turn it down a little.

bottles that's all i seem to be to logan. his food source 
oh did i mention the crying??? MR FUSSY PANTS is ONLY HAPPY when he is being held and cuddled ... the bouncer thing works some of the times, as does his car seat. but then i feel guilty that i'm not cuddling him. i cuddle him ALOT, really i do. thinking of it so does his big sister ... she's always trying to HELP! but i am so over the fussiness. he is really turning into a fussy baby and MY NERVES can only HANDLE SO MUCH .... thinking about it i really wish his aunt wasn't off in utah .. i would take him over for her to cuddle and take a break ... hmmmm there is another aunt around here .... cousin playdate anyone?????  YES I DO PASS MY KIDS OFF TO RELATIVES when i need a break, they can do the same to me at another time though.
BEAR, hmmm can I say PUPPY! the big guy i do mean big 70 somthin pounds. enough that I CAN NOT PUSH him AROUND is something in and of it's self. but i love him, even if he did eat my flip flops, kailee's shoes, a plastic cup, diapers (GROSS!) all his foood and the other dogs left overs, probaly is thinking about the left over chicken nuggets on the counter. and loves all things logan, baby bottles, binkies, did i say diapers. 
kailee not listening to me (she's running away from me in this picture)
the two of them together ... not exactly a good match, he weighs twice as much as she does. and gets a little excited and kailee ends up on the floor being a little tramples. i don't know how much of it is her when he mouths her.
she's a little independent. pouring her own milk. getting her own snacks (usually but not always totally unhealthy)  she was trying to use the microwave herself, that's why i chose this picture.

wicket has a barking problem. he just gets so caught up in hearing his own voice that he doesn't seem to stop. unless removed from the situation. this gets the other dogs all riled up and well i like my neighbors and we live in a pretty quite neighbor hood. oh did i mention that the birds get involved sometime with the barking and seriously you can't hear yourself talk when they all get going.
does this look like something she should be doing?????? she told me today that we need a trampoline like hannah (her friend)
and again its 9:30 and I am waiting on this cat. "meow" aka tom biscut does not like to come in for me when steve isn't home. but then again we do not have the cuddling relationship that my husband and this cat do. I am NOT A CAT PERSON, really i'm allergic to them. but he won out and truly i LIVE IN A ZOO, so why not have a cat too :)
my day in pictures .... that was really fun and i think im going to have to do this again. :) hope you enjoyed my rant, it is defiantly unscripted and completely honest. I guess it's getting to see me as a person, as Shel said something about when she was asking why sarah didn't have a blog. :)


Pam said...

Wow, can I just sday I can relate to pretty much everything except for the animals, lol! And K is pretty laid back, except for last night..was up until 2 a.m., woke up twice during the night and then A got up before 7 a.m., augh! This was fun to read...I might have to copy you:D

Shelstan said...

Awww, Jakki. We ALL have days like that! Believe me, I can relate too!

I know it will get better. Once Logan starts sleeping through the night, you'll be more well rested and will have more patience too!

Take care, girl!