splash park

this is what logan was doing the entire time at the splash park ... love the peaking in on you aspect of the photo.
so we met up with kailee's friend Cailyn  and the two of them had a blast running in and out of the water.
kailee kept running towards me after she got wet from the water.
and i love her sailer moon hair ... at least that's what i'm calling the pig tails not fully pulled through.
now what is the shutter speed for the water to be seen as a solid not just droplets .... i couldn't figure out a slow enough shutter speed to not completely over expose the shot.
the perspective of this shot is just too cool not to post.  and i think its a law to feed the ducks when we ever we go to the lakes.

and ending with a fun portrait.   i spent the day in sports mode on my camera with my new    50-200mm and am pretty convinced that it's the perfect zoom lens for me, it goes wide and i still have some sneak power with it as well. :) just have to work on the blur factor .... but that just takes time for me to figure out.


Pam said...

OMgosh-you got some great shots-she is having a blast! I love how happy she looks in all these photos! Oh, how I wish it weren't so hot here so we could go do those things!!! K would just bake though! Glad you like your new lens too:)

Scrap Candy said...

Love what you have captured; the new lens is a great one for you. Maybe the combo of the sports mode and the lens is what made your water droplets appear instead of the flow..

rcprncss said...

Great pictures...she looks like she is having so much fun!

Shelstan said...

Fabulous photography!