just logan

this week kailee is up at my parents, she is so excited to be up there. yesterday before we left she kept telling me i couldn't do anything for her because grandma would do it.  talk about feeling hurt ..... the little goon.  so that means it's just logan and me during the days and i plan on getting a lot done, he stays out of the way whole lot easier than kailee does right now, lol. and doesn't require the many trips out to the park and library .... although i still have to stop by the library this week to return some books and dvd's kailee was borrowing. so clean house here i come ... im just starting monday today is a day to catch up on my pictures and scrapbooking and all because i say so. :)


Scrap Candy said...

gosh he is GORGEOUS! May you enjoy your week - it sounds fabulous! (please note jealous tone) :) Now go get scrappy!

Shelstan said...

Have a wonderful time bonding with your beautiful baby boy! Cherish this time, Jakki!

Pam said...

He is so stinkin' cute Jakki!!! Now I think he looks like the perfect mix between you and Steve:) So what did you get accomplished this week? Show us!