big sister, and a new lens

okay so kailee has agreed to model for me. and i just got a new 50mm f/1.8 prime for my camera ... a perfect combination right?  here are some of the shots i got 
cookies are always good

the flash went off on me here, i'm finding that to take pictures inside i have to turn off the flash. but the cool thing is that they still work with a little bit of lightening with out the flash. i think the image below is my favorite of the bunch so far. love love love the expression on her face and the color of her eyes with the color of the shirt. and the crop line is different. :)
now to work on those little brother pictures.   oh and a side note ... it takes alot of blurry action shots to get those few clear focused shots.


Scrap Candy said...

You snap away, girl! Take advantage of that cooperative smile!! She is gorgeous - those eyes peering out from her hair is priceless!

I agree with the no flash rule - I just wish I could stay steady with an open lens enough without fiddling with a tripod!

Pam said...

So do you love it? I love your pics-I adore that 2nd one, but I love the one you like the best too:) Now where is that sweet little boy???

rcprncss said...

She is such a little model! She is getting more beautiful as she gets older. Great pictures!

brigid16 said...

Oh I love the one of her hear tilted!!!! That one is my fav!!!
Great job lady!