a "today" moment and documenting life

my attempting to do newborn photography.  i have to find out what i have to do to get a more correct skin tone ... he looks a little red here.
and before the casts came (which was today) i figured that i had to get some shots of his feet ... just to be honest with myself and in documenting his life. logan was born with club feet ... both his feet are turned inward and we are now in the phase where they are being corrected at two weeks old. which means casts for the next 10 weeks or so and then we move on to a brace that he'll get to wear until he is around 4 years old. 
and finally in following Ali Edwards mini "today" challenge ... my AWW HA moment ... both of them asleep and me with some quite computer time.
see the casts, i have a very fussy little boy on my hands now. but at least his big sister is being agreeable in this picture :)


Shelstan said...

Awwww....so sorry about the casts, Jakki, and that its making him fussy. But, I am SURE that this is for the best and it would be so much worse to have casts on him when he's older! Cherish every second!

Scrap Candy said...

Oh, sweet baby...he is absolutely precious. I don't blame him for being fussy, those huge casts and all, but I guess it is for the best...just sure pulls on your heartstrings...give him some extra kisses for me.

Pam said...

Those pics are precious! I think his skin tone is perfect:) Poor sugar, I am so sorry for him!!! Hopefully he will get used to the casts soon. And yay for both kiddos sleeping at the same time!