more pictures

okay so kailee isn't home until tomorrow night, and it's sunny outside so i took my chances at taking some more pictures of logan. it kinda worked but he wasn't too interested in getting his photo taken. i guess the light wasn't bright enough because the flash kept going off and that would wake him up. he wasn't totally in a deep sleep and was all squirmy. also i need a bigger piece of background material so i can get all of him in the photo with out our bed spread showing ... although the dark green bed spread does make for a great backdrop, just didn't want it in these shots. he's also really red in the color one and has that wonderful blotchy baby rash so in my need to always put pretty decent photos up here i chocolafied them :)
this one's my favorite .... love that you can see his eyes. and on a side note they are still dark! which mean maybe just maybe i'll get my brown eyed little boy (dad's eyes are brown) and i am such a sucker for brown eyes. dad won out with kailee and her getting my color changing blue to green eyes, i want brown eyes for him .... and so far so good, there pretty dark still after 8 days ... i might go and pull out some of kailee's same age pictures to compare eye color, but i'm pretty sure that by now her eye's had lightened up, and i don't think they were as dark either, she did have the dark almost black hair though.


Scrap Candy said...

OMG!!! I am in love with that little face! The chocolate/sepia tones are so perfect to capture his features! He looks like a fream come true!!

Pam said...

He is so sweet Jakki! I love the one with his eyes open!!

rcprncss said...

He is beautiful! I like that last shot too...like he was posing for you. :)