she wanted in on the tummy pictures

all this attention to my tummy, has sparked kailee to want that same attention.  so here is the picture of her belly. she also keeps telling me that she has a baby in her tummy. but she hasn't thought of a name of him yet. also she can no longer bend over ...  or so she tells me, after i have asked her to pick something up off the floor for me. its pretty cute all the little things she is doing to mimic me and she is pretty excited about having a little brother ... you should here the list of things she has planned for the two of them to do once he comes out of my belly, and gets bigger ... its all about logan getting bigger.
okay so now here's my belly.  the shirt isn't a pregnancy shirt (those are all too short and just feel like sheets) but it will defiantly be in the worn out garbage pile once this is all over.

and finally some of my favorite pictures from the day. kailee and i went to the park and got to play together because there was no one else at the park. 

i was catching her coming down the slide, and got the perfect smile shot ... well i think so at least.
playing at the top of the slide ... and telling me mommy to catch her when she came down of course.
showing me the ladybug larve she caught ... almost for the hands in focus and the face out of focus but still in the shot, notice i said almost. but all these cool shots have wierd cropping to them ... maybe that's why they're interesting. 

and i got a series of shot of her climbing up the slide ... with all the falls and slide downs as well. i really liked the view point, and she didn't mind all the butt shots either. it should make for a fun photo series is what i'm thinking.


Scrap Candy said...

it is so funny what they "see" and "do" to try to imatate us crazy adults. K is so cute - those are great snaps from the park!

Logan is looking good too! You look just perfect for 34 weeks (I was a cow!) may you be comfortable in these last few weeks.

brigid16 said...

Oh my goodness you look good! You too Jakki! LOL!!! Oh I am too funny! Seriously that pic of K is just too cute!
The park pics are great too!

Shelstan said...

You look fabulous girl!!! The finish line is within your reach!

Pam said...

Love the pic of K wanting to show her tummy, that is adorable! You do look so little!!! Especially compared to my big ole belly:D And the park pics are great, love the framing of them...my fave is the top one of her coming down the slide-what a great smile!