3 yr old prerogative

so she tells me that i can take pictures, but then decides there is better stuff to do than listen to mommy. i guess it's a 3 yr old's prerogative, to do what ever she wants.  so i guess i have have to then get a good picture out of what she gives me.  the ponytail, she fights me with the hair thing but always seems to love it once it's up.  this also gives me a chance to play with some more coffee shop actions. this one is the cross process one, and all i did was change the tint color to match her shirt and it turned out much better than the green. i seem to have a problem with lomo or cross process pictures turning green on me, very green like subject looks sick green. this time it seemed to fix the problem.
and i go a split second of her actually posing for me, and the need for a grandma's picture.  it lasted all of two seconds ... good thing i had the camera aimed, focused, and ready.  just wish i had more than one shot to choose from. the rest looked like the one above ... lots of back sides, hmmmmm.


Scrap Candy said...

That's a perfect Grandma picture! I love her smile and her hand resting on her knee! This is a winner!

Pam said...

I agree with Candi-that is the perfect Grandma picture! A fights me with the hair thing too...as soon as she is out of my reach, the ponytail or barette comes out. The only time it stays is swimming or at the beach when she is too distracted, lol.

rcprncss said...

I can't believe how big she is now! Love her in orange and that last picture! She looks so sweet.