two wheels and one big girl

so its official kailee is now on a two wheel "big kid" bike ... well right now its more like 4 wheels but her balance is there so it wont be long until it's only two wheel. her new bike is a schwin gremlin 16" (she can be one of those little monsters too) and its orange and green. not the princess one but this one is cooler ... it comes with a water bottle and a holder that attaches to the bike. she got to ride it around a little bit this afternoon, but dad is insisting on her knowing all the rules before he is releasing her to ride around with only mom looking on. and the petals are totally different then her old bike, and she keeps trying to go backwards and keeps hitting the brakes. but we'll give her time, pretty soon she'll be caught up there going fast with the big kids.

okay all this talk about the new ali stamps .... well here i did up my own, my handwriting is a little choppy but i did it later tonight and was pretty quick about it .... my handwriting is off right now and i don't like it totally ....


Pam said...

Wow Kailee!!! How tall is she? A still needs to master the tricycle first, she always wants to go backwards on that:) I love your little stamp, is the whole thing your handwriting, or just baby? I think it looks great!

brigid16 said...

Look how big she is!!!! brynn got a big girl bike for her bday in Jan and is sooooo glad that it is starting to get warm and she can ride!
I am loving that stamp! You have some serious talent girl!!!