she let me take pictures today

so kailee and i have this agreement, before we go somewhere in our everyday adventures i'll ask her if i can take pictures. if she says yes i get to bring the camera, and a no means the camera stays at home. today was a yes day.

and seeing as i get to do some senior shots for a friend, i found these cool stumps at the park and had kailee and her friend pose for me on them. them standing above me looking down on me, the trees and the sky above them was a pretty cool backdrop. kailee's friend isn't posted ( i haven't asked if i can post her on her yet).  and well i got a kick out of kailee scrunching up her neck showing her buddy how to take the picture. lol these will be fun to show her in the future when she is a senior ....
love the action of this shot.
so it seems like all her friends have these princess scooters. and kailee still hasn't figured them out entirely. she seems to think you can sit on them and you don't have to stand and push with your feet. maybe one of these should make it way on her wish list.
looking for bugs?  yes i am the mother of the tom boy wearing the dress and hair clips.
how did i score this shot? everything about it works so its just cool
oh and so today i was in P mode on my camera and had set a custom white balance. pretty cool and all i notice about the custom setting is the sand looks like sand, and the greens and blues seem to POP a little more. was also really really easy to set the dark and light balance, seems like i got it right when i took the pictures :)

okay so that was today .... we'll see how tomorrow goes. it looks to be a library day and clean up around the house.   and then we have a easter egg hunt scheduled for Thursday


Jodie Goodison said...


Jodie Goodison said...

HI..sorry, just tried to post. I found you because you and your friends were linking back from the scrapping site to my blog..(the forum where you told Pam about me.)

Anyway, from the little I read you are interested in learning photography? I know of a really good site for beginners. If you are interested you can email me at jodielgood@hotmail.com and I'll pass on the info.

Scrap Candy said...

Love how K has gotten use to the camera and feels she doesn't always have to look at you. Aly just hides and Brandan gets this funny little smirk lately. I'm off to email you and get some lessons started!

Pam said...

I love the shot with her standing on that thing! Her dress is totally adorable too, do tell where you found it! Can't wait to see what senior pics you snap too, I am sure they will be fabulous!