a red dress and bubbles

these pictures look so retro, really similar to the ones I have of me growing up. at least in the way that those pictures have aged ... i think i have this action figured out, at least so that my pictures aren't turning green (it only works with pictures taken outside with perfect exposure).

its really hard to get a picture of kailee blowing bubbles. that is one where you see the bubbles and where she actually looks like she's blowing them. I think i have something that is acceptable here. 

and steve took a belly picture for me to post on here. but there is NO WAY that i am posting it. i so wish he was better at taking pictures sometimes...... ugh! i will let him try again tommarow or maybe saturday i might let him steal the camera and take pictures while at the parties kailee is attending. i'm sure to get some of me then, never fails.


Scrap Candy said...

make the bubbles bigger (ie a bucket and some string should do the trick) and you will for sure catch some bubbles in the air - and one soapy kid in the end.

Pam said...

I love the bottom one, it looks like she is laughing kinda. Yeah get a belly pic up here soon!

AnotherColour said...

I really love these retro bubble photos! For a sec there I felt young there and in the moment :)