quite time

so instead of being productive this time around, i played with a picture. this is kailee today, she has this thing with quite time where she tries as hard as she can not to crash ... but i have her figured out, has to be after 1 when quite time starts and it usually works, the rules are as followed what ever you want to do in your room, on your bed and you have to be quite. which is usually reading books but lately she's been playing with her "big girl" cabbage patch doll. 

probably have OVER PROCESSED this picture, it was never really that good to begin with. but hey it was fun. the cool b&w contrasts nicely with the warmer colors in the original image ... very antiquey ... and so need to find a new kinda of processing to play with


Scrap Candy said...

She is absolutely precious! Oh, too enjoy that peaceful kind of rest like a child mid-afternoon!!

Pam said...

So maybe Kailee can teach Aislynn about quiet time? I really like how you edited the picture too:)

Shelstan said...

That's a very pretty pic. I think you should frame it or at least scrap it. It's too perfect to not use!