can you see it?

so i was trying out a new action, and attempting to help candi with applying that antique thing i do with pictures.  on the actions worked, with the pictures below to prove it, who knew that photoshop CS3 was so different than elements, they seem pretty similar when i read some tutorial thats aimed for elements I can turn it around and use it in photoshop. hmmmm

okay so the pictures below are kailee trying to show me some kinda a berry she found out in the front yard.
you can really see how much of the berry i can see right? 
she eventually put them, the berries, back in the planter box thingy

and this is the street i live one .... well the half if your looking east. i seem to see alot of this because kailee likes to go out and play with her friends here (there all tweens as they like to call themselves 10 years olds) and all the kids are running up and down. good thing we live on a pretty quite street ... also did the antiquing thing to this photo.

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Pam said...

What a view!!! That is one of the things we loved about CA the couple times we went...seems like views of mountains or some beautiful landscape are everywhere!! Okay, you have me closer to wanting elements bad enough to cave and get it:)