buckets and a farmers market

okay so this is kailee playing in her sand buckets full of water on the back patio. its been so HOT around here ... talking record breaking 3 digit temps... that i have been filling up these buckets a few times and letting her play in the water. didn't actually think she would sit in one, but its made for a really cute picture. and im trying to figure out this "lomo" photo technique as well, usually turns my pictures green, but i do need to re-calibrate my screen anyway.

okay well that's not really the story for the day. we went to the farmers market today for some fresh veggies and what ever else they had. and kailee and i kidnapped daddy from work to go with us (good thing too the bag ended up being really heavy). so on the drive over there kailee is in the back seat rambling about us going to the farmers market. she then blurts how how we are going to get "begtables" and how she thinks they taste good.  all her english is perfect except for the "begtables" and steve and i look at each other and both bust out laughing.  she then tells us she thinks its funny too. and it was "begtables" for the rest of the day.  she really does like "begtables" and is usually the kid at the party munching on the broccoli. so now i'm going to have to try to get a snap shop of here eating some kinda "begtable" because i am so scrapping this story. 

oh and it turns out that at a san diego farmers market is full of citrus, strawberries, avocado's, broccoli, and potato's... along with some smoked fish and kettle corn (my favorite)

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Pam said...

Awww, A says begtable too:) That is a cute story, and I cannot believe how hot it is there!!! Your farmer's market sounds awesome too...did you say kettlecorn;) Yummy!