baby ducks

so last week we went over the the lakes and kailee got to feed the baby ducks. she thought it was pretty cool, but was all distressed that the momma duck didn't eat as much of the corn mixture she was throwing as the babies did.
she wasn't too interested and having her picture taken at the time either.
and some hills in the back ground, there not mountains pam.
although the ones in the far back of this picture are mountains.  its pretty cool we live in a valley off the coast, so we have are own weather system, but the best part is ... where our house is located (at the base of these hills) there is a sea breeze that runs along it and cools down everything around us.... you go down to the main road during the summer and its like 10 degrees hotter because there is no breeze

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Pam said...

LOL, mountains...hills...they're all big humps, right:P Love that top pic, nice perspective! We have got a sea breeze too, gotta love it! Whenever I go to my Mom's in the summer it is always WAY hotter!