"take my picture mommy"

so kailee has this thing with taking her picture, and making funny faces at me while doing it. when she's not other wise driving me crazy. so here are her latest modeling attempts ... although i am thinking of it more as a photo booth kind of expedition. 
original file .... i did nothing to it, my hand got in the way of the flash and i was blocking the natural light too. [above]
funny face girl, she was playing with my computer glasses and rolling her tongue at me.
i let her make funny faces, but she has to give me a normal smile face too. with this one i posted the original image above, just for kicks and i like what i got. I had to turn them b/w in order to get it to lighten up enough that you could see her face it the image. and as a result it gave me a very grainy photo ... but i actually like grainy photos for a different affect. the funny face one is actually a good photo to begin with so i had to play with it so that it would match the bad photo.  pretty cool in the end though :) and now to get around to scrapping them.


Jakki said...

im commenting on my own photo... on the normal face one i should probably burn out the extreme white over on the left... looks really blown out.

Scrap Candy said...

These are awesome! I agree that the B&w does a lot for the first pic and saves the day! That tongue rolling one is super sweet and cool! Love those glasses!

Pam said...

She is soooooo freakin' cute in those glasses, can't wait to see the funny face one scrapped!! Love that she asks you to take her picture:)

Shelstan said...

Jakki - She is getting so big and lady like. She doesn't look like a baby anymore! Time sure flies!!!