color appeal

this post is for candi, and her wanting warmer weather (... although I kinda liked the snow pictures ...) out in the backyard on the patio with kailee this afternoon and here are some 
of the shots I got.

i'm in love with the ladybug wind-turny thing. steve and i have finally gotten our patio up to par with all the containers and plants that it feels like a real oasis to go and escape there. that now we get too look (continuously) for quirky garden art because you can't go out with a mission to get cool garden art and actually find what your looking for. we found this guy at a garden store, and i love it ... its a bit heavy (its made out of metal) so its not a real big wind turner, it just looks cool. just wish the picture of kailee playing with the bug was more natural, i didn't have my camera when she first started playing with the guy so i was trying to pose her .... didn't work so well, but i like the feel of all the pictures together. and when the light starts to last longer i will have to get some patio pictures with the candles and lanterns going so you can truly see the whole effect of the patio.


Scrap Candy said...


Simply perfect for a longing heart. I can feel the warmth of the deep yellows and hint of red....


Pam said...

Love that top picture...the angle is cool!