so maybe i can do this photo everyday thing ... ha ha ha more like 30 photos a day. that was how many i took this afternoon, and came up with what i think is pushing it 3 keepers. and one has a big editing spot on it because the hat was broken but she insisted on wearing it (can you tell what picture?) just shots of our neighbors houses. 
love the different planes on this one, with the flowers (which i didn't notice until pp) and her trying to walk on the ledge.
angle shot here ... thanks to pam and all her angle shots, it was harder than i thought to turn the camera off its 90 happiness that have. but i like all the lines ... she was petting some puppies on the other side of the gate, those pictures didn't turn out so well.
and a close up, come on i scrapbook there for i should be obsessed with the close up shot. i am in love with swaping the photos over into lab color and then playing with curves.  the lights and darks pop so well with this little bit of processing, can very easily do crazy stuff to skin tones. also i have a new photo technique to master ...... drum roll please .... i was playing on pam's links and saw maggieholmes.typepad.com little blog, and her style looks a little over exposed and bright so now i am going to try that ... well figuring it out at least, although i do like my darks i think i can learn something from it. 

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Pam said...

Love em! I love the angle one:) and love the close up hat one with the shadow of the hat on her face! And I love how Maggie Holmes edits her pics:) She sells her actions, but it might be more fun to figure it out yourself?