trying to get those "everyday" moments

i haven't been feeling to attached to my camera lately and so my photo quantitly has been lacking, there are probably alot of different factors playing in on this lack of pictures. and I am seriously going to have to start lugging around my p&s (... i think my cell phone weights more...) in my purse to catch those "moments" that I like to scrap. and then start scrapping them right away, my stash of supplies is steadily growing while my albums still have room.  so here today i caught some fun little snapshots of kailee being her cute self with some buttons she put into the containers ... "my buttons" she was telling me when i asked if i could take a picture. (there a little posed if you couldn't tell, but seriously how do you get a 3 year old to pose?????)

tying for the focus on the item, but with the face o/f in the background ... she didn't get that i wanted the two to line up.
i think this one fits as my favorite ..... 
and this one is just too cute ... she's holding up the buttons for me to see and i'm telling her to come closer, she's moves the buttons closer to her and starts looking at them, not me .... lol


Scrap Candy said...

she is is so pretty! Wow! How she is growing!

Pam said...

These are really adorable Jakki! I can't decide if the middle one or the bottom one is my favorite:) I want to master the thing in the hand in focus and A out of focus, but I can't seem to get it yet.