playing with photoshop on the swings

so the picture came out pretty small, its more like 12" wide IRL. how do you show in photographs a girl on the swing .... she's moving so fast, because she is constantly telling me to push her higher and higher she wants to touch the sky,  and then having to get into a spot where the photos look some what interesting. because to be honest swing pictures leave alot to be seen with the chain's hand seat held up buy nothing, i find them the hardest to take. so this time a round when i wasn't pushing the little monster i was sitting on the woodchip ground trying to line up a shot with the "action" mode on my camera. i like the crazy hair ones they show off the movement of the swings and her having so much fun, none of them are really in sharp focus so i was playing around with them a little in photoshop and now they kinda look like "old" messed up photos. 

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Scrap Candy said...

I love this vantage point! The antique-ness of it all just sets the tone of good times gone by. You have me wanting warmer weather so that we may have the opportunity to experiment! SO COOL.