what like 19 weeks

So loving Dh is threatening me with no SCRAPBOOK FUNDS if I don't post belly pictures from now until baby comes. I find this TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!! and I am not a fan of posting my tummy on the web for all to see, but as you can see from the photo I am fighting a losing battle (he threatened to start making items I already have disappear too, and he's been eyeing some of my cool tools way to closely to even give him the fleeting thought that he can take them) so I am posting at 19 some odd weeks. Next week on FRIDAY we finally get to find out what this little bug is .. and all you who like the surprise aspect of babies, been there done that with Kailee she didn't want us to find out she was a little girl until Jan 5 and it drove me CRAZY. ALthouGH it is fun to act all happy and excited when some on asks " so what are you having?" and you get to tell them A BABY! that was fun, but I so want to know what this little guy is ... the bet going is its a boy and Im probably jinxing myself with that, but then again I don't really care either way ... but I do know that Steve will probably go a little looney with another little princess in the house. Kailee is now telling everyone she's a princess and has a little baby in her tummy.  


Scrap Candy said...

Awww, Jakki - you are just plain cute. That tummy is something to be proud of (you can eat and eat and no one will tell you that you are gaining weight!) Lookin' good!

Isabelle said...

You look good! I'm sure you'll be happy in a few years to have all these pics. Hope you get to learn the sex of your little bug!

Pam said...

Your belly is cute! I swear mine looks lumpy:) So if you are having a boy...we are both gonna move and meet in the middle so we can play...oh, yeah-and the kiddos can too:)