neighborhood kids

So I made it out of the car before kailee's friends were in the driveway saying hi on there bikes. Kailee just had to join them of course ... so my after noon was spent chasing her up and down the street, following her friends ... here she is telling me "no mommy, I do it myself"
what following her friends looks like ... they all have fun with it though
some pedaling on her own .... well maybe not but the broom stick in the back sure helps with the moving forward not backwards
and of course she has to be exactly like her friends .... she made me run into the house and ran sack her room for this backpack.

the kids had better watch out, I think they have a follower ......

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Scrap Candy said...

Awwww! She has to love this! My "B" started out this way with the neighborhood kids - except it was with wrestling dolls!