Jan 13, 2009

So a mysterious little girl came to me after my shower and said "Mommy I Pretty" 

This happens so much now that I thought all the lip gloss and chapsticks were out of her reach, I guess not (but I did get this one back) and well me being me asked if I could take a picture of her. So here she is saying cheese and smiling for the camera. 

I did get a actual picture of her smiling naturally some 20 or so snapshots into it. But these have sat on my computer for about a day now, and they so much better tell the story of her looking pretty that I think they are the ones that will be in the scrapbook not the "real smile"


Scrap Candy said...

watch out! These are keepers! (to show future suitors later in life!) I think you just might have use some red and pink on the LO with these little lips!

Pam said...

LOL, love them! I love her cheese smile:) This is definitely a story you need to scrap ASAP!

Shelstan said...

How funny!