Digital Layouts

So here's my latest attempt at digi, I can't seem to embrace it like I have traditional paper scrapping. But it's fun having the capability and option to do it when I want. This is off of a christmas kit, to add to the 3-4 other christmas papers that I have stashed away in that happy place.  journaling reads about how kailee HAD to make cookies for santa and what it came down to was her eating the decorations ... good thing there wasn't any icing, imagine the mess.  I almost want to to a 365 digi album, mainly because of the amount of photos that would involve and it would just be cool, who knows one thing at a time, but I am trying to keep up on the picture taking bit. 

Candi tell me when you want to start your adventure on to the dark side ...

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Scrap Candy said...

hee hee...you know exactly what I am thinkin', Crazy girl! I'm gonna say full out warfare on digi learning once I get caught up and scrapped out on my high. It won't be too long!