So kailee's new thing is to play ' WE SKI ' she's  pretty good at it and its so funny to watch her. She goes " SKI, SKI" (moving just her hands in that digging motion you see ski's doing) then its "wiggle wiggle" (which is kailee moving her little booty this way and that)
and that motion combined with the balance board has this little mii skiing down the mountain.  she picked out her outfit here.
and another thing she LOVES to do, is play on the computer... here she is checking her email in the morning after she wakes up ... just like mommy
and i think im going with a image along with a word this year ... that would be COLOR. its one of those things  i know i can easily commit to but i want to push myself out of my comfort zone and find things i like in colors i don't use much, ie red (thanks to Kraft girl Kits november kit) 
and its all kailee ever talks about..... she wants to color, or paint, just basically do something creative ... which i'm excited about until i get stuck cleaning the mess......


Scrap Candy said...

i love the color idea - I am riding shot gun with you on that one! I can't wait to get settled and get started!

Pam said...

Hey just wait for more red in March:) Love the color idea...you should do a page about your word using that cool crayon picture. Love K's sleepy little pic checking her e-mail too-cute!