Family Party 08'

Some of my favorite shots from the night......

Ryan playing with the hand carved tops that are at the house.
Kailee outside playing with the cousins
all the cousins together (this is the serious shot)
the three oldest of the bunch, Max and Claire are only a few month older than Abbey and they are the best of friends. and i absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot of the three of them (definatly being printed and framed for grandma and papa's fridge)

I have a ton more shots from the night, I sorta just hung out with my camera and watched the kids play. these are just my favorites. :) did I mention that I love this shot, or do I have those "mommy goggles" on????


Pam said...

Cute cute cute pics! Love the one of all the cousins-I can't believe you got all those kiddos looking at the camera at the same time!

Shelstan said...

That last shot is definitely the best! What a keeper!

Scrap Candy said...

they are awesome! i love the brush work! i would love see this HONORED somewhere!