Okay so I finally got my sick pregnant booty up and on the computer to post some of kailee's christmas pictures.

SNOW!!! yeas it actually snowed close to san diego, well like a hour or so up in the mountains. this was kailee's first time with the white stuff, and although it was raining on us (not snowing) she still had a blast playing with the stuff piled up on the patio of the Julian Pie Co. (it was clean, meaning still white) and just the right amount to make snow balls to throw at mom, dad, grandma, and papa. she was all giggles. although if you ask her what we did in the snow she'll tell you "gypsee pooped in it", gypsee my little dog came with us on the trip up and well she did what dogs do .... kailee just seems to be a little obsesed over it.

okay so my lousy christmas pictures ... i didn't take very many, i got caught up in the opening of the presents and seemed to have forgotten the 3 pound camera around my neck. kailee is in love with shamu, and it looks like santa may have brought her some new shamu jammies (i have to bribe her not to keep putting them on ever night) they even beat out the tinkerbell ones from mom and dad.
and last but not least kailee helped decorate sugar cookies for santa, oh wait more like she ate all the sprinkles that were suppost to decorate the cookies for santa.
okay that's it for now, we'll see when i will get some more photos and stories up for you all....


Shelstan said...

how adorable! how long has it been since you've seen snow?

Scrap Candy said...

yay! Please keep it over by you for a while - I'll take some in early February, but that it! Glad it was enjoyed by K and put that winter jacket to use!

Pam said...

I am so jealous of the snow!! K looks like she had a blast! I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked on Christmas morning, oh well! K's hair is getting so long!