Look at the sky

Sometimes I wish I knew what to do with these photos. I love to take them, so does DH, but they just sit on my computer and nothing ever seems to happen with them. I did tweak with them a little bit, enhance a color here and there. and then who can resist adding a filter to throw some texture in (although not all that noticeable on such photos). I'm thinking it might be fun to look through ALL THESE KINDS OF PHOTO'S and maybe print a few large scale for the house. but I always back out before they print thinking "my work" isn't good enough and just not being 100% sure of it.  
 BlueSky ~ DH took this one while parading around Montana
 FireSky (it really did look like this, smoke does awesome things for sunsets :) just not a community of homes


Isabelle said...

Why do you say you're not good enough to hang some of your prints around the house? You're very good and these pics are just awesome. Do it!

Pam said...

Jakki-You totally need to blow these up and hang them in your house-they are awesome!! I love sunset pictures!!!

brigid16 said...

Those are such awesome pics!!!! you could use them on a scrapbook page and just journal in some of the open space in the pic. But UMMMMM You could TOTALLY HANG THEM UP!!! They are totally store quality!

Shelstan said...

Jakki, these are unbelievable pics! Definitely blow these up!!