giggles all around

giggles and more giggles are all that Kailee can seem to do when she gets a ballon. its really cute and i can't help but get all excited when ever she gets one of these things. which is pretty often seeing as our grocery stores seems to have a supply of freebies every time we go shopping there (thank you henry's for that). kailee even asks now for a ballon please when she sees them at the check out line.
i love this next shot, took a bit to get it, had to lay the camera on the grass and aim up. but i like the vertical look of it. and yeah she was totally posing telling me "mommy take my picture"
 you can almost see the giggles on her face with this shot :)
and the purple ballon lasted into the evening.


Pam said...

What cute shots! I like the top one with her shadow! What a happy girl-don't you love that they find the greatest delight in the small things?

brigid16 said...

what a fun post!!! Yay giggles!
I love those shots!

Scrap Candy said...

I want to be carefree like that beautiful smile that she wears on her face! SO jealous,too, that she isn't bundled up like we are here in CHicago! Great aimed shots!

rcprncss said...

Cute pictures! she is getting so big! Love that last shot!